Interkabel offers a wide product range including wire ropes for several applications as mining, automotive engineering, seafaring, oil production, forestry, manufacturing as well as transportation.

Today’s advanced technological progress leads to unlimited fields of application for wire ropes.

Fishing boats, motorcars, cranes, conveyor belts and elevators, the functionality of these and several other important technologies, engines and products depends on wire rope.

Due to its diversity, galvanized or ungalvanized, pvc coated or stainless steel, with diameters from 0,8mm up to 64mm, wire ropes meet various requirements.

Interkabel acts as established importer of wire ropes with more than 30 years experience and long lasting supplier relationships. As a result of our warehouse capacity with more than 3.000t and due to our optimized computer based logisitcs, we provide flexibly our customers worldwide on shedule.

Interkabel guarantees wire ropes of high quality. All our ropes are produced according to latest EN-specification. With ropes from Interkabel you will definitely take the right choice.

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